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      Inspection & Detection HOME > Inspection & Detection

      Inspection and testing capability


      We have founded inspection&testing room, chemical lab, material physics lab, electrical performance lab and so on, and we also invested 8,000,000 in buying kinds of inspecting&testing equipments ,such as ultrasonic fault detector, magnetic defect detector, electric conductivity tester, multi-angle gloss meter, portable spectrophotometer, Hand held coating thickness measuring instrument , Digital display hydraulic drawing type adhesion tester and so on, and the number of these equipment is 117 .there are 20 employees, including 3 persons have the title of engineer or above and 12 persons have the title of assistant engineer.

      Detection range: materials physics test, test of electrical and mechanical products, pollution and hazardous substances test.

      Shape and position detection : the ability to detect the size, shape, weight and tolerance of products.

      Physical properties of metallic materials detection: capable of detecting metal material mechanical properties, to do tensile test, bending test, impact test; surface hardness testing of metallic materials, including: Brinell hardness, Vickers hardness, Rockwell hardness, metallographic microscope inspection and evaluation of steel microstructure and determination of metal average grain degree, determination of steel decarburization layer depth.

      Nondestructive testing: with X - ray detection, ultrasonic testing, penetration testing and magnetic particle testing


      Chemical composition detection of metal materials: the content of various elements in iron and steel can be detected by the method of chemical analysis or spectral method; and the salt spray test can be used for the corrosion resistance of metal materials.

      Electric property test: Measurement the electrical equipment of insulation resistance, insulating property; insulation strength, power frequency withstand voltage, TDTCW; test the materials, heat, cold, dry resistance, moisture resistance capability of various material.

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